November 16, 2020 | Press


6 Grab-And-Go Snacks You’ll Feel Good About Feeding Your Kids

When you’re in a pinch, grab one of these.

Fall looks different for kids (and parents!) this year but one thing remains as true as ever: they need to be well fed to focus and perform. Big stock-ups from the grocery store are great, but we know you might find yourself in a pinch and need to grab a snack quickly.

General rules of thumb when snack-shopping include avoiding added sugars, opting for munchies high in fiber and unsaturated fat, and paying attention to portion sizes. For example, some granola bars come in a two-pack, but the serving might be just one bar.

With a little label-reading and some helpful suggestions below, you can keep your kids nourished and satisfied while reclaiming some of your time.

2. Country Archer 100% Natural Turkey Jerky, Hickory Smoke

Jerky can be a nutritious snack thanks to its protein content, but not all jerky is created equal. For a healthier option, choose turkey (it’s generally better for you than red meat) and flavors with little to no added sugar. For a well-rounded snack, pair with a piece of fruit or some baby carrots.

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