The 10 Healthiest, Low-sodium Jerky Brands
September 13, 2018 | Press

The 10 Healthiest, Low-sodium Jerky Brands

Men’s Journal provides expert and concise information for the pursuit of new experiences through the landscapes of gear, adventure, travel, food & drink, style and wellness. Our Organic Hickory Smoke Turkey Jerky appeared on their list of healthiest, low-sodium jerky brands.

"June 12 is National Jerky day—a day to celebrate this savory, salty high-protein snack that’ll have you gnawing and salivating in seconds.

While packaged varieties have certainly exploded, jerky isn’t new. Dried meats have been around for hundreds of years. Native American descendants preserved meat by adding salt and drying it out in the sun or over fire during the winter months.

Today, you have an abundance of proteins being dried: beef, poultry, game meat, and fish. It’s booming—especially with the evolution of the paleo diet and Whole30 diet trends.

The question is:Is jerky healthy? The short answer is it depends. Jerky can absolutely be healthy, as long as it fits within your dietary goals and the type of product you’re choosing. When consumed as part of a balanced diet, dried meat snacks can be an excellent source of protein.

The critics of jerky can be a little outdated. Many people warn they’re high in sodium with added MSG, nitrates, and artificial preservatives. The truth of the matter is jerky isn’t made that way anymore.

Sodium however, is a legitimate concern. Although sodium is an essential nutrient, it’s way too easy to overindulge in the typical American diet. The recommended daily level for the average person is 2,400mg per day, according to the FDA, which is only a little over of a teaspoon of table salt. It’s true athletes require higher levels as sodium is the major electrolyte lost in sweat, but the average american consumes over 3,400mg per day.

How to Choose a Healthy Jerky

  1. Look for jerky with fewer than 500mg sodium content per serving
  2. Opt for brands that have no more than 5g of added sugar

We’ve searched grocery and convenience stores to find you the best, healthiest jerky available in 2018."

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