5 Healthy Back to School Snacks for Kids
August 23, 2022 | Blog: The Range

5 Healthy Back to School Snacks for Kids


It’s that time of year again where parents are starting to search for healthy snacks for school that little ones will actually, you know, eat.  If you’re tired of the same old ideas that downplay nutrition in place of flavor, then consider this your hub for school snack ideas that will impress both parent and child.


The best 5 school snacks for kids

We’re here to present to you the best school snacks for kids in order of preference for nutritional and taste blended together for the best of both.  Kid’s lunch snacks don’t have to be a mystery. You just need to know where to look!

Country Archer Mini Beef sticks

This are a huge hit in kids of all ages.  These past the sniff test because there’s not a veggie in sight for children to wrinkle their nose at.  These carefully curated mini beef stick snacks are designed perfectly for school lunch boxes and they are high in lean, grass-fed beef protein, and real ingredients that for a irreplaceable snack.  For pick eaters that want meat, this is a well-loved favorite.


You’ve heard of these before though these are often in the “expensive” part of the store.  The reason for that is because they are nutrient-rich and delicious granola bars that pack a powerful protein punch.  They rely on plant-based rótenos and taste so good that children will actually ask for them when they want “something snacky”.  These is a protein snack for the whole family.

Whole Grain Goldfish 

Children tend to cave for a Goldfish cracker.  They’re fish-shaped, delicious, and simple additions to a good lunch box.  These are ideal kids lunch snacks because they rely on a whole grain in their ingredients but they still taste like the crunchy, satisfying snack that kids know and love!

Fruit cups

Who said school snack ideas can’t be sweet?  A good fruit cup can go a long way to helping support and promote healthy protein levels as well as give that sweet satisfaction that most are going for.  When hunting specifically for a tasty snack that is easy to eat at school, a fruit cup is a great choice.  Plus, there’s a lot of variety.

Hummus and pita chips

While it’s not quite “chips and dip,” this can be a great protein option for the adventurous child that wants to enjoy the “pretend” version.  Try out pita chips that are perfectly crispy and a thick, creamy protein-rich hummus spread that will make your little one forget that this isn’t the real thing.

Healthy snacks means less waste

There are kids who often get given healthy snacks for school, but don’t actually use them.  They trade them for other kinds of kids lunch snacks that look and taste better.  Not only are parents sometimes never the wiser, but it means that someone else’s kid is getting your carefully chosen and well-intentioned snacks, too.  


When you rely on school snack ideas that are tasty first and healthy second (without sacrificing either), then kids will earn that your school snacks are going to be delicious yet still “hit the spot” until it’s lunchtime.  A good snack that helps them stay strong all day long will never be traded for a salty bag of chips, even if that seems strange right now.


Make sure that the school snacks for kids that you pack are the best ones on the menu as far as your little one is concerned.  Not only will they be the envy of the cafeteria, but you’ll know that you are doing your part to help your child be their healthiest and best selves without the need to break out the mixing bowls.  Packaged snacks can be healthy when you search in the right places!


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