January 16, 2018 | Blog: The Range


Joe’s Valley is a mecca of sandstone boulders on National Forest Service land and dream for climbers, campers and desert lovers alike. There are hundreds of charted bouldering routes, and hundreds more still undiscovered. With a wide variety of boulders and problems for beginning to advanced climbers, it’s a bucket-list worthy adventure.



The two and a half hour drive south of Salt Lake City, Utah to Joe’s can be made into a day trip or a longer camping trip. The area is public land, so camping is plentiful and free. The climbing is split between three main areas known as Left Fork, Right Fork, and New Joe’s.



There is plenty of parking on the side of the roads. Steep and rocky hikes to boulders can be made, but boulders are also located right off the road after a short walk. Throw down your crash pad, grab plenty of water and stock up on snacks. For a guide to boulder locations and problems check out Mountain Report’s beta and forums.



The desert weather is usually perfect for climbing in the fall and spring and even into the winter. Temperatures are hot in the summer!



Wandering around on trails through Joe’s is really fun and very scenic. Warm up on some easier problems and then pick up your crash pad and wander to several more boulders to climb a variety of routes and levels.



In between climbs, climbers lounge on crash pads and admire the views, root on their buddies, or snack in the shade. There is a mellow and very friendly vibe at Joe’s, people are inclusive and welcoming.



After a few days of climbing and hiking you’ll be ready to head home. Joe’s Valley is diverse enough to curb even the biggest of appetites for fun and adventure. Buckle up and enjoy the ride home.

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