Celebrating National Snack Food Month With Guilt-Free Snacks
February 28, 2021 | Blog: The Range

Celebrating National Snack Food Month With Guilt-Free Snacks

Does National Snack Food Month sound like something totally made up? Honestly, yes. Are we going to celebrate anyway because we just love snacking that much? Also, yes. 

But if the term “snack food” makes you think of mystery-cream-filled cakes and orange cheese-flavored dust, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with healthy, guilt-free snack ideas so you can celebrate snacks all month long and still feel 100.   These are some of our favs at the moment:


Obviously. Full of flavor, high in protein, low in sugar, and –if you buy a jerky with clean ingredients – free of artificial junk. If we may be so bold, Country Archer jerky is pretty awesome, and we def check the “clean ingredients” box. Whether you’re craving something spicy, savory, or sweet, we’ve got flavors for all your moods. Plus, we’ve got a full zero-sugar jerky line for anyone eating clean or keto … or anyone else because, honestly, these flavors are that good. 

Image via That's it

That’s It Bars

With just two ingredients, That’s It fruit bars are an easy, clean way to get some fiber and good carbs. Paired with something high in protein (*ahem* jerky), they make a great addition to your post-workout snacks.


We realize “smoothies” is pretty general, but that’s the beauty of it – smoothie flavors are pretty much endless, so you’ll never get bored. Balance out the fruit with a protein source like nut butter or a clean protein powder. If you need some keto-friendly options, check out these keto smoothie recipes from the Bulletproof blog

Veggies + Dip

Spice up dippable veggies with salsa or guac. Baby carrots by themselves? Kinda sad. Baby carrots with guac? Basically a party. Pepper sticks and broccoli florets are other easy add-ins. 

Image via Rhythm Foods

Rhythm Veggie Snacks

Want a guilt-free snack that has the crunch and flavor of a bag of chips? Rhythm veggie snacks have got you covered. Now, don’t count on them to fill you up if you’re actually hungry (they are just veggies after all), but they’re a great healthy swap for crunchy chips, especially if you need a keto option. 

Image via Parm Crisps

Moon Cheese / Parm Crisps

We love cheese, but it’s not great for on-the-go days. That’s where dried cheese snacks like Moon Cheese or Parm Crisps come in handy. They’re non-perishable and have that chip-like crunch.

Basically...we’re totally down for made up holidays if they give us an excuse to nom on delicious, guilt-free snacks. Celebrate with us and have your jerky delivered directly to your face! And be sure to check out our favorite keto snacks and high protein snacks for more ideas!

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