Fuel Your (Home)Body: Staying Healthy While Working from Home
April 20, 2020 | Blog: The Range

Fuel Your (Home)Body: Staying Healthy While Working from Home

Working from home has become the new normal. If you’re like most of us, quarantine has you snacking all. day. long. And sitting down a lot. And stressing out.   

That’s why we’ve got the tips to help you snack smart and stay healthy while staying home. 

woman doing yoga on a Zen Bear yoga mat

Get moving.

The CrossFit gym may be closed, but online workouts are open for business. We’re loving these apps and streaming workouts: 

  • Centr – Co-created by Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, Centr offers HIIT, yoga, boxing, and functional strength training. It’s everything you need to get into superhero shape.

  • Noah Ohlsen’s Playbook App – Get your blood pumping with these CrossFit-inspired workouts from one of the fittest men on Earth. 

  • Core Power Yoga On Demand – A lifesaver if you don’t have workout equipment at home, Core Power Yoga is offering free online classes for as long as social distancing is a thing.

Quarantine vibes killing your motivation? Keep up with your favorite fitness inspirations (we love Brooke Wells) and remember that even moderate exercise makes a difference. If some yoga poses or simple cardio workouts are all you have in you, that’s fine. Just make it happen!

bag of Country Archer crushed red pepper beef jerky on table with fresh vegetables

Refuel with real food.

If you want to end the snack marathon, you’ve got to get off the blood sugar roller coaster. For steady energy and a happy belly, swap your sweet tooth fix for a high-protein, whole food snack. Oh wait, do we fit that description? Funny how that works. 

Our jerky and sticks are high in protein to keep cravings and crashes at bay. We only use real ingredients, so you won’t find anything like nitrates, preservatives, or artificial flavors in our meat snacks. Because you should be able to pronounce the ingredients in your snacks. Out of stock at your store? Get healthy beef jerky at your door with our delivery options, or find us on Amazon. 

Some other solid choices for midday pick-me-ups are cheese, nut butter, Greek yogurt, and clean shakes or bars. They’re all great sources of protein to get you through Zoom meeting after Zoom meeting. (Just make sure to mute your mic — chewing sounds won’t win you any new friends.)

man drinking from a Kleen Kanteen water bottle in the office

Image Via Clean Kanteen

Drink water (like a lot).

Proper hydration is so important for cognitive function, productivity, and overall health. Don’t believe us? Check out these stats. Make a new habit of keeping a water bottle in reach at all times. Bonus points if you go for a plastic-free option like Klean Kanteen.

reading nook with red pillow, christmas candle, and cup of hot cocoa

Break often.

We don’t just mean breaks from work. Take a break from all of it — news, social media, sitting down. Get some sun, meditate, Facetime with your family, whatever helps you re-center and destress. Your mental health is worth protecting too.

Right now, taking care of yourself is also taking care of others. So while you’re working from home, be good to your body, make exercise a priority, and choose real food as much as possible. We’re all in this together.

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