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Everything is better with friends, and with grilling season upon us, we can already taste the good times to come. There is no better time of year to enjoy our favorite foods, people and past times. However, whether hosting or guesting, contributing to the party is always mandatory and there are some rules of the road to keep in mind. After all, etiquette is just a fancy word for simple kindness.


The Host With The Most


1. A Clean Grill of Health

Clean your grills people!






2. Fuel For Days

Don’t be the host who “needs a favor”. Make sure you have enough gas or charcoal to last well into the night.




3. Championship Cutlery

The details matter. Provide your guests with cutlery that says “I got you!”.




4. Master Your Recipes

Don’t experiment on your guests, ever. Before you play host, master 3-4 recipes and then add the trimmings.




5. Just Add Themes

Good food goes well with great conversation



The Best of Guests


1. Respect The Grill Master

The grill is domain to 1 person, the grill master. Do not enter without permission.

giphy (1)



2. Bring Something

Side dish or celebratory beverages, whatever you decide, bring something the party will appreciate.




3. Good Clean Fun

Always keep track of your waste and minimize your footprint. Better yet, leave no trace!




4. Stay Woke

Awareness is key. Whether providing an extra pair of hands or knowing your audience when conversing, a good guest is always in sync.



5. LOL

Whoever has the most fun wins. If you want to be invited back, bring some positive vibes and a few good jokes. A good laugh goes a long way!


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