Holiday Gift Guide for Your Video Game-Obsessed Family Member
December 06, 2022 | Blog: The Range

Holiday Gift Guide for Your Video Game-Obsessed Family Member

Hey all you gifters out there! This is our fourth and final installment of our multi-series gifting guide. In this guide we’ll be shining a light on everyone’s favorite gamer guy or gal. 

1) To kick it off, let’s bring some awareness to one of the most crucial pieces for a gamer: great gaming headset. These days when it’s so easily accessible to become a streamer, sometimes all you need is a decent microphone and your computer camera. However, a gaming headset takes it a step further and is incredibly versatile. With the right headset, your videogamer may find themselves branching out to reaching a whole new audience via livestream.

2) Next up in our great gaming gear gifting guide is something I’m not sure any gamer has enough of… controllers! It’s notorious how often and easily controllers can break, get lost, or begin to malfunction. Aside from being able to choose between favorites, your gamer-friend can now enjoy a variety of multiplayer games that sometimes seem like they’re from a different era. We’re talking about split-screen co-op! It’s a great way to connect with another pal or family member while staying in the game. Gifting a new controller of your gamer’s console of choice is an ideal way to keep their spirits up and the game running!

3) Everyone who's held a controller knows how easy it is for time to slip by and stay up all night while getting in the zone. Too often, our gamers default to easy on-hand snacks that are typically unhealthy. We’d like to suggest an alternative to the sugar-filled, caffeinated drinks and greasy snacks. Any of Country Archer’s delicious jerky will help keep your gamer fueled into the late night while also packing great nutritional value from a source you can trust. Specifically, we think the Mango Habanero and Teriyaki flavors pair perfectly with a long night of gaming. What could be better than tearing open a bag of jerky while you’re battling zombies and beating your top score?

  • Mango Habanero Beef Jerky - Perfectly balancing the delicate flavors of sweet and spicy through a harmonic blend of mango and habanero, this healthy yet tasty snack will keep you fueled all night playing against your friends. 
  • Teriyaki Beef Jerky - This delicious late night snack is one of the healthiest takes on a sweet jerky. Made with Grass-fed and finished beef, only 5 grams of sugar yet 10 grams of protein and real ingredients, you won't mind if they stay up for another bag. 

That wraps up our Gamer Gifting Guide with a pretty little bow! We’re certain that handing off this powerful collection will please any gamer. It may even launch their booming streamer career. For the other folks in your life, from backpackers to keto-dieters, we have you covered. Check out the rest of our gift guides and make holiday shopping simple.

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