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As the saying goes, “you don’t have to be a millionaire to be well traveled”. And after all, what’s the end sum of traveling? It’s the perspective we gain along the way and feelings we enjoy that make us happier human beings. The tangible takeaway’s from a life well traveled can vary from one person to the next, but what’s not variable is the fact that sometimes you just gotta get away! And regardless of your bank account balance or weekly schedule, when the feeling takes hold there’s no denying it. But it doesn’t take much to get what you need. With a little local knowledge and a full tank of gas, you can tap into what you’ve been craving. Enter Meadow Hot Springs. Just 4 miles south of Fillmore, Utah along I-15 lies a handful of hot pots just waiting to sooth your stress. After innumerable espressos pounded while grinding at work staring at a computer, this might just be the place to get you feeling like a million bucks.

Meadow Hot Springs are located on private property, but since it’s a special kind of natural resource, the landowner has made it available to the public. All in all, there are three different pools waiting to help you refresh, reset and get you re-energized to conquer the world.



Directions: Take the Meadow exit 158 south of Fillmore on I-15. Turn left at the stop sign and go under the freeway. You will pass a Chevron station on the right and be heading south. Keep going south out of the town of Meadow (about 1.5 miles) until you pass the last buildings on the left. Shortly after passing the buildings on the left you will see a well graded dirt road on the right. This road will take you back over I-15. On this road you will see several roads heading off in different directions, just stay on this road heading west until you get to the parking area, you can‘t miss it. The spring is located about 150 yards from the parking area.



If you want to be the first people in the hot pots on a weekend morning, it’s not an easy feat, but it’s definitely doable. Upon your arrival at the parking lot, there are two trails that will take you to the different hot pots. The trail heading south will take you to the biggest and warmest of the three hot pots, while the second trail heading west brings you to the other two. The west trail hot pots are not as warm as the south trail hot pot, but given that the south trail is the main attraction, the smaller pots might be worth the hike.



The pay off: Waking up before the sun and being energized by the biting cold nibbling at your body as you walk toward the steam rising from the ground in the middle of a field. Drop the towels, take off the boots, and step right into 100 degree natural hot spring with (hopefully) no one but your crew around.
It’s time to soak, stare at the mountains, and watch as the sun rises over the horizon while the pressures from last week’s work routine go with it.



There will most likely be company at some point in your Meadow Hot Springs adventure, so if you’re with your friend or partner and do find yourselves alone, rejoice in the quiet special moments that only you guys were dialed in to experience. It might not last too long. When company eventually arrives, enjoy it. This is the time to get to know fellow travelers who have similar goals in appreciating nature on an early weekend morning.



After enjoying your hot springs sunrise the ultimate pay off is how you’re going to feel for the remainder of the day. Yeah, a quick nap might be in order, but you, your friend and your dog are all going to be fulfilled with having thought outside the (TV) box, and planned something to make your weekend memorable.

These little adventures don’t take too much planning. If you don’t have a willing co-pilot, plan and get out on your own. You need this, you deserve this, you owe it to yourself….. you will be stimulated to create beyond normal bounds in the upcoming work week after replenishing your soul.

All images and content courtesy of Jo Savage.

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