How To Build A Magnetic Butchers Rack
January 16, 2018 | Blog: The Range

How To Build A Magnetic Butchers Rack

Displaying the tools and raw ingredients used to produce our favorite meals, outside of drawers and beyond kitchen cabinets, somehow invokes a deeply visceral reaction that connects us to our primitive nature. In the exact same way that eating with your hands while sinking your teeth into a fresh-off-the-grill rack of ribs delights your inner carnivore, showcasing ready-to-use cutlery stimulates the desire to create mouthwatering meals instead of ordering in.

Channel your inner carnivore, it’s time to build your very own magnetic hanging butcher’s rack. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

Tools & Materials Needed: Wood board, 15 inches by 3½ inches Sandpaper Tape measure Trigger clamps, optional Power drill 1-inch round Forstner bit 1-inch round ceramic magnets, 54pcs. Gel adhesive Drill bit, 5/32 -2½-inch wall mounting screws, 2pcs.


Step 1 Select the desired location to affix your rack, then measure and cut the desired length and size for your backboard.

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Step 2

Select what type of finish you’d like, then clean and sand the board to achieve your desired style. You can leave the wood exposed for a more rustic feel or apply a stain and seal for a more modern finish.


Step 3

Decide which side of the board you want for the exposed surface, then turn over to measure out where you’ll want to inlay the magnets.


Step 4

Leaving one inch on either end of the board for drilling the wall screws, draw two lines down the full length of the board, roughly 2 1/2 inches apart. These will be your center lines for both of your rows when drilling the magnet inlays.

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Step 5

Across each of the lines, mark nine points that are 1½ inches apart to use as a central guide to drill and start the holes.


Step 6

On the previously marked points of the wood, use the 1″ Forstner bit to drill solid round inlays for the 1″ magnets, and trigger clamps that hold the wood.

Credit: eHow


Step 7

Insert magnets into place. The key to a strong magnetic hold is fitting the magnets as close to the front of the wood surface as possible, so don’t drill too deep!

Credit: eHow


Step 8

Next, drill out the holes on either end of the board where your wall mounting screws will go.

Credit: eHow


Step 9

Stack three 1-inch round ceramic magnets together and inlay each stack in each of the inlays across the two rows on the back side of the board. Apply a small amount of adhesive gel for a secure bond. This step will require 54 magnets in total when filling 18 total holes with 3 magnets per hole.

Credit: eHow


Step 10

Mount the magnetic rack in place on your wall using the 2½-inch wall mounting screws,

Credit: eHow


Step 11

Display your favorite knives and soak in your masterpiece.

Credit: eHow





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