How To Build The Perfect Festival Pack
January 16, 2018 | Blog: The Range

How To Build The Perfect Festival Pack

It’s that time of the year again to gather your squad and hit the road. It’s officially music festival season!  Flashing lights, banging beats and the top headlining acts are just the weekend away! Whether you’re the conscious festival goer, veteran burner, decompression circuit newbie or still think that Coachella is like, the ONLY festival, building a solid survivor pack is a crucial part of the festival prep ceremony. More importantly, the pre-festival prep is all about hoping for the best and planning for the worst!

It’s time to get tactical, and strategic so you can have more fun than that one time your best friend got married at burning man…yeah, it happens.

So take heed, pack wisely and make this your best year yet!

1. Fanny Pack

This one is easy, kind of obvious but oh so necessary. Think of it as your emergency prep kit and get out of jail free card. Make sure to include a portable phone charger for emergencies only, zip lock bag to keep your phone dry, a Frontier Bar for fuel, travel size sunscreen, cash, sunglasses, and wet naps. The good news, these little babies make the perfect companion for running, hiking and any other adventure outing if you invest wisely. Who said you can’t have it all?

2. Energy

When power outlets are hard to come by, energy becomes a luxury. This power packed Energy Bundle from BioLite is a must if you’re camping. From charging your phone to firing up the grill, this baby brings all the energy you’re squad can handle.

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3. Meat Snacks

Fueling your fun with the right source of protein is essential to keep you on your feet and cutting a dirty rug.

4. Simple Sleep Gear

Freedom is everything come festival season, so allow yourself to sleep where the wind takes you with simple yet effective snooze gear. Kammock’s down sleeping back and signature hammocks are the only things you’ll need to rest cool and comfortable.

5. Easy To Spot Style

Let your freak flag fly with functional fashion that’s hard to miss. Rock that getup that you’d never wear at home and make it’s easy to spot in the sea of people. It’s the perfect excuse to get a little weird.

Easy to spot style
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 6. Stop eating like a savage

Silverware you won’t lose because who knows where those hands will end up, so stay classy and keep your silverware handy.

7. Everybody poops

Steer clear of the port-a-potty scene and build your own throne. We’ve all been there.

8. Organize your essentials

Pack a shoe rack and organize your key items all in one place to keep your kit efficient.

Now get out there and tear it up!

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