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It seems that a little “peace and quiet” is harder to find than ever before. Unless you completely unplug and escape the city for a “Wake & Lake” Tahoe road trip or weekend retreat, finding solace within the confines of your natural habitat is a mission, to say the least. While morning meditations and after work yoga sessions are institutions we’ll always believe in, sometimes the routine of it all just needs some shaking up. So if you’re craving a little adventure for your moments of solace, today’s the day you try something new.

It’s time to get creative and take it back, way back to the beginning when your imagination was raw, your hopes were high and all you needed was a few of your favorite crayons to travel a world away. Enter National Coloring Book Day, celebrated every year on August 2nd and year round by ages 6 and under.

Originally created by children’s coloring book publisher Dover Publications, the company found an increasing use for adult coloring books as a “creative haven” which has since proven true as the participation of each National Coloring Book Day continues to grow. A great tool for maintaining emotional, mental and intellectual health, as well as providing the best excuse to play with crayons for everyone over the age of 25, adult coloring books allow us to tune out and tune in to our own well-being.

And just because we wanna see you smile, we’ve got a little surprise. Below are three downloadable coloring book templates for you to let your imagination run wild with. If you’re feeling hungry and creative all at once, download, color, submit and win a gift certificate for your very own free bag of jerky gift just for participating. Everyone who uploads will get a free bag of jerky. So download now, enjoy the process and show us your work!

Free Coloring Pages

Jeep Desert

Download Button



Surf Van

Download Button



Tent Camping

Download Button



Cheers to good health!




Color For Cash

Color, upload & cash in for a $6 off discount code to use on your favorite Country Archer meat snacks in celebration of National Coloring Book Day!
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, jpeg.
    Snap a photo of your finished work and upload here.


Here are some of our favorite creations from National Coloring Book Day:

“Game of Thrones”




“Even Zebra’s Love Coloring”


“Coffee Shop Creations”


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