Some Like it Hot: Rating Our Spicy Beef Jerky Flavors
November 07, 2018 | Blog: The Range

Some Like it Hot: Rating Our Spicy Beef Jerky Flavors

Some like it hot, some like it not.

Spice levels can change depending on each person, that’s why we wanted to highlight the different spicy products that we have and some of the heat you can expect with it.

One of the ways that heat level is rated in by using the Scoville heat scale. This measures the “hotness” of a pepper or anything that is derived from a pepper. It tells us how hot something “should be” when we eat it based off what it is made with. The higher the ranking on the Scoville scale, the higher the heat you can expect.

So how does that impact the heat level of our products? Check it out for yourself below.

Crushed Red Pepper

Country Archer crushed red pepper beef jerky spicy ranking

The spiciest of our flavors is the Crushed Red Pepper. The primary pepper in that product is cayenne, which has a 30,000-50,000 Scoville rating (1). This pepper packs quite a bit of punch for a hot level of heat.


Country Archer srircha beef jerky spicy ranking

Sriracha is our second spiciest flavor of the bunch. On the Scoville scale, it comes in between 1,000-2,500 (2). It has a bit of a kick, but nothing to burn your mouth.

Sweet Jalapeño

Country Archer sweet jalapeno beef jerky spicy ranking

The third of our spicy flavors is the Sweet Jalapeño. The lowest of our pepper Scoville rating at only a 2,500-5,000 (1). This flavor is a lot of sweet and not a lot of heat despite the name.

Mango Habanero

Country Archer mango habanero beef jerky spicy ranking

Next is our Mango Habanero flavor. Although the habanero has the highest Scoville rating of all the peppers with a 100,000-350,000 rating (1), when combined with the sweet flavor of the mango puree, it tames the heat level. This is still our second hottest flavor of our jerky.

Honey Chipotle

Country Archer honey chipotle turkey jerky spicy ranking

The Honey Chipotle Turkey flavor is last on our spicy list. Chipotle is one of the more mild peppers, with only a 5,000-10,000 rating (1). The sweetness of the honey helps to break up the heat and provide a sweet heat flavor of this turkey jerky.


We know this is a lot to think about. So go ahead and save or pin the quick guide below.

Country Archer spicy jerky rankings

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