Sustainable Farming: The Backbone of Country Archer's Grass Fed Beef Jerky
August 01, 2023 | Blog: The Range

Sustainable Farming: The Backbone of Country Archer's Grass Fed Beef Jerky

Hello to all the health enthusiasts and jerky lovers out there! Today, we're taking you behind the scenes of Country Archer's delicious grass fed beef jerky production. We'll be diving deep into the core principles that guide us—sustainable farming and its integral role in creating our superior quality jerky.

Understanding Sustainable Farming

Before we explore how sustainable farming shapes our product, it's essential to understand what this term means. Sustainable farming, or agriculture, is a method of farming that focuses on growing food in a way that preserves and enhances environmental health, supports economic profitability, and promotes social and economic equity.

Sustainability is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In farming, this translates into practices that preserve the soil's health, minimize water use, reduce pollution, and promote biodiversity.

Why We Choose Sustainable Farming

At Country Archer, we take our commitment to sustainability seriously. We believe it's our responsibility to contribute positively to our environment, and sustainable farming practices allow us to do just that.

But our commitment to sustainability doesn't stop there—it extends to the welfare of the animals we source our beef from. We ensure that our cattle are grass-fed and finished, living in free-range conditions where they can graze and live naturally. This practice results not just in ethical animal treatment but also contributes to the exceptional taste and quality of our grass fed beef jerky.

Sustainable Farming and the Quality of Our Jerky

Organic Beef Jerky - Archer Farms

You may be wondering how sustainable farming affects the jerky you enjoy. Here's how:

1. Flavor: Cattle that are grass-fed and finished on open pastures tend to produce meat that's more flavorful and nutrient-rich than their grain-fed counterparts. This is because the diverse diet of pasture-fed cattle influences the taste of the meat, leading to the distinct, rich flavor of our jerky.

2. Nutrient Value: Grass-fed beef is known to contain higher amounts of certain nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids, which are known for their heart health benefits, and antioxidants like Vitamin E.

3. Animal Health and Welfare: Healthy animals produce high-quality meat. By allowing our cattle to graze freely and live naturally, we're not only promoting their well-being but also ensuring that the meat they produce is of the highest quality—free from the stress hormones and diseases that can occur in confined, factory-farmed animals.

4. Environmental Impact: The sustainable farming practices we support help preserve biodiversity, reduce water usage, and limit pollution, contributing to the preservation of our planet. And by choosing our jerky, you're supporting these efforts.

Sustainable farming is the backbone of our healthy beef jerky production at Country Archer. We're proud of this fact and we're confident that it makes a difference—you can taste it in every flavorful bite. 

Our commitment to sustainability isn't just about us. It's about you, our customers, and the planet we all share. By choosing Country Archer, you're not only selecting a delicious, high-quality snack—you're also supporting a healthier, more sustainable food system.

Explore our variety of grass fed, sustainably-produced beef jerky on our website today. Thank you for joining us on this journey towards healthier people and a healthier planet.

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