January 16, 2018 | Blog: The Range


Spontaneous trips often create the most memorable moments, but packing for last minute trips into the wild often means sacrificing our favorite go-to gear. And, when you’re looking to get out the door fast to keep the excitement going, your pack is inevitably thin.

What if you could climb a mountain and take in a view while enjoying a delicious steak dinner with your best mate? Cooking in the wild isn’t impossible, it just means getting a little creative.

To take your next last-minute adventure from good to great, spend a few minutes building your own pocket grill. The fruits of your labor will pay off in spades when you surprise the squad with some quality eats they never saw coming.

TOOLS & MATERIALS NEEDED: 1. Hacksaw (or at least the blade) 2. Cutting pliers 3. Drill and bit 4. Utility knife 5. File (or sandpaper) 6. Ruler 7. 2 pieces 18mm (3/4 Inch) copper tube 8. 2 copper tube caps 9. 16 2mm diameter stainless steel bicycle spokes (1/16 inch), 8 inches long 10. 16 spoke nipples (for securing the grill to the copper pipe)

Step 1

Cut copper tubes to length

Cut the two tubes to equal length and file the rough edges. About 8 inches is a great length to make your grill portable enough.


Step 2

Measure, mark and drill your holes

Now that you’ve got your tubes cut to length, you need to mark and drill the holes for the spokes. It’s important to cut your holes at equal places along each of your copper pipes to make an even grill.


Step 3

Cut spokes to length

By now you have the exact number of spokes you’ll need, just count the holes. The spokes need to be the same length (or smaller) as the tubes, since they need to fit inside.

Pro Tip: You will need 2 spokes with intact threads on one end and 90° bend on the other so cut them about 5 – 10mm (1/16 – 3/8 inch) longer than the rest, please keep this in mind.



Step 4 Assemble your grill

This part might take some getting used to, but ultimately it’s about making the pieces fit. Put 1 spoke through each copper wire connecting the two sides, then secure the spokes with your spoke nipples.


Grill baby grill!

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