The Top Whole30 Snacks
March 21, 2023 | Blog: The Range

The Top Whole30 Snacks

If you’re looking for a way to get into the newest diet plan, look no further than the Whole 30 diet. This is a fast-growing and very popular health plan that offers a lot of perks to those who struggle specifically with eliminating “bad” food from their diet. Curious if this is the right choice for you? Read on.


What is Whole30?

The Whole30 Diet is a very specific kind of diet that uses 30 days to reset your body. It does this by helping you reduce and cut out many problem points that can actually be causing problems in your system. This includes alcohol, sugar, dairy, and grains. If you're looking for a healthy snack Country Archer Beef Jerky and Meat Sticks are Whole30 approved.


This is like a combination of a diet and a cleanse. It can have wonderful advantages for helping reset your body.  


Whole30 Diet rules:

There is a very specific eating plan on this 30-day challenge, and you most likely could have guessed. You have to follow this program, and at the end of it, you’ll be able to take note of just how your body is feeling.


The rule is simple. Eat only what is listed as Whole 30-approved. If you eat anything on the restricted food list, you have to start over entirely. The point is to detox the body, of course, so even a sip or a nibble on something can throw off the results!


What is Whole 30-approved?

One of the best benefits of this health plan is that it’s pretty simple to follow. Stick to whole foods for 30 days and cut out anything processed. Approved foods include meat, fish, eggs, nuts, fat, vegetables, fruit, coffee, and tea.


Just make sure that all of these drinks and foods aren’t processed! For example, eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead of canned or pre-packaged ones. And you’ll need to get used to taking your coffee or tea without dairy milk or sugar. If you go with plant-based milk, ensure it has no MSG, sulfites, or carrageenan.


The best snack foods on a Whole 30 diet

Now that you know a bit more about how it works, let’s take a look at one of the most important categories to help you through the process: the Whole 30 Diet snacks. The world of Whole 30 snacks is a delicious one, which you’ll be happy to know. Here are some of the top ones to help minimize those cravings and get you through to your next meal -- without going off of your diet!



We’re starting off with this one for a reason. This is a delicious, easy-to-eat, and affordable nut that has lots of fatty acid, protein, and fiber. Walnuts are wonderful choices for fast and simple snacking. You’ll just want to ensure that you get walnuts in the shell or, if you get them shelled, ensure they have no additives to them!


Celery and almond butter

This is a popular dieting snack, which tends to get some hate. However, it’s popular for a reason. Celery delivers fiber, while almond butter offers satiating healthy fat. It’s simple and fun to snack on when you want something crunchy. Don’t forget to double-check that your almond butter is Whole 30 friendly!


Avocado with kimchi

This is a wonderful choice for those who just can’t get enough of avocado. Once you remove the pit, fill it with kimchi, and you’ll have a tangy and satiating snack that takes practically no time to prepare. Since kimchi has a lot of variations, try a few different types, including homemade ones!


Zucchini chips with salsa

For those who miss junk food (don’t we all), then these are wonderful. Make some crispy zucchini chips and add your favorite approved salsa. This is a fun option for a movie night where you’re really missing chips and classic snack options.


Seaweed chips

Another twist on chips is going to be vitamin-rich seaweed chips! You can play around with seasonings for these, and you can find a variety of packaged chips that are specifically designed for those doing a Whole 30 diet! This is one of the best snacks for Whole 30 diet enthusiasts that want to explore lots of new snacks.


Apple slices with chicken salad

For some sweet meets savory, play around with thin-sliced apples and a homemade or carefully packaged chicken salad. You’ll want to take some time to get the right one for your tastebuds and double-check the ingredients, but this is a wonderful cool snack on a hot day.


Lettuce wraps

Since bread is out, make yourself a delicious wrap of your choosing but use thick leaves of lettuce as your bread! This is a fun and crunchy, healthy way to enjoy a delicious wrap. You can explore lots of selected ingredients, too! These are perfect for simple, fast, and healthy meals, too.


Apricot bars

For those who like to make homemade snacks, create some apricot-based bars that will be chewy, tangy, sweet, and a great grab-and-go choice if you make them in advance. These are so tasty you’ll probably continue with them after you finish the diet, so it’s going to be a great choice for those that want alternatives to classic sweetened granola bars.


Bearded Brothers energy bars

Despite the list so far, not all Whole 30 snack ideas have to be fresh food that you prepare. While processed food is avoided on this diet, you can still buy snacks to pop in your bag and enjoy on the go.


It’s so reassuring to know that there are lots of Whole 30 approved snacks since many who take on this type of diet often find the snacks to be the most challenging part. With all of these delicious options to try out, it will be a true adventure exploring where all of these food types can take you!


If you’re ready to help restart your body, consider this your go-to hub for trying out meals and snacks that will help you to give your body that fresh start that it needs for your best approach to health.

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