Tips for Building a Game Day Snack Table in 2021
February 08, 2021 | Blog: The Range

Tips for Building a Game Day Snack Table in 2021

Was it really just last year we were all sitting within six feet of each other and (gasp) ate out of community bowls of dip? This year, watching the big game will be a little different. Even if you’re famous for your game day food, you’re probably going for a smaller spread since it’s just you, the fam, and maybe a couple close friends.

BUT you can still put out a killer game day spread with something for everyone without going overboard. Here are our top recipes and tips for snacking through the big game: 

Minimize & Strategize

We love variety and snacks, so nothing is stopping us from making our favorites. But you may need to half or quarter some of your recipes if they usually serve a big crowd. Or if you aren’t mad about the idea of having those snacks as leftovers (buffalo chicken dip for days), just be sure to strategize how you serve them to make sure they stay at safe temperatures. Two hours at room temp is the general guideline for most perishable foods. (Pro tip: keep your warm snacks on one side of the table, the chilled ones on the other, and room temp snacks in the middle as a buffer.)

Go for a mix of homemade and packaged game day snacks – no need to spend all morning in the kitchen, especially since you probably aren’t hosting a big crowd. 

Now for the fun part:

Chilled Snacks


Tableside-style guac

Guacamole is the ultimate healthy game-day snack. And while it’s technically safe as a leftover, who wants to eat brown guacamole? No one. Instead, serve it tableside style so you only make what you’ll actually eat that day. Prep enough spice mix, cut limes, tomato, onion, and cilantro for a few servings. Start with just 2-3 avocados for your first bowl. If the fam wants more, it’ll take just a few seconds to mash up another fresh batch. If not, you can put it all in the fridge and enjoy fresh, not-brown guac the next day.

If you’re aiming for keto game day snacks, use veggies, bacon, or beef jerky for dipping!

Image via Foot Network


Enough said, right? If you want to get fancy, make a football-shaped cheeseball.

Room-Temp Snacks

Country Archer Jerky 

Obviously we’re going to bring up jerky. But seriously, this is your chance to dip it in guac, queso, and whatever other dips you make. Basically the opportunity of a lifetime. And if you have leftovers (unlikely), you’ve got a perfect healthy snack for the rest of your week.

Image via Siete

Crackers and chips

For dips obvi. Not the healthiest, but they’re practically required on game day, and you can go for better-for-you versions like Siete’s cassava tortilla chips or Simple Mills almond flour crackers.

Warm Snacks

Image via That Low Carb Life

Jalapeno poppers

Another easy game day snack that’s keto-approved, jalapeño poppers are traditionally served wrapped in bacon, but we dig them topped with chopped pieces of our Sweet Chipotle Turkey Jerky.

Image via Wholesome Yum

Homemade queso

Make it in the crockpot to keep it warm (and at safe temperatures) throughout the game. We like this keto-friendly queso made with clean ingredients. 

Game Day Sweets

Image via Lexi's Clean Living

Chocolate Hummus Dip 

It may sound weird, but it’s delicious and on-theme for game day dips. Pick it up at Trader Joe’s or blend up this homemade version. Pair it with fruit or gluten-free graham crackers. 


Image via A Sweet Pea Chef

Bars & Cookies

For something a little more game-day traditional, there’s always cookies, dessert bars, or brownies. These paleo 7-layer bars take a little effort, but they’re a perfect make-ahead dessert and they last for days in the fridge. Or make it easy and indulge in a box of Simple Mills cookies or Bhu Keto Cookie Bites.

To get your jerky in time for the big game, order it on Amazon or find it in a store near you!

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