top 10 carnivore meat snacks
October 05, 2022 | Blog: The Range

Top 10 Carnivore Diet Snacks

When you’re looking at getting the best quality carnivore diet meat snack, you’re going to want to consider the protein content. While everyone talks about calories and nutrients, the protein itself is what often makes snacks out to be satiating or not. That’s why carnivore diet snacks are going to be so helpful when you are looking for something that is healthy but still satisfying enough to get you through to your next meal. At Country Archer we love carnivores, take 20% off your beef jerky or meat stick purchase with promotional code "Carnivore" now.

best carnivore meat snack sliced steak

Leftover steak

This is as simple as it sounds. It’s literally steak that is leftover from the meal that you made the night before. For best results, get an extra large piece of steak and prepare it as you normally would. When you are done with your meal, take the leftover steak and cut it into strips or bite-sized chunks (depending on preference). Steak is going to be nutritionally dense, loaded with protein, and delicious. This is a great choice for those that have picky eaters and will only eat things that they know they’ve cooked themselves.


beef jerky carnivore meat snack

CountryArcher Beef Jerky

For a lot of reasons, this is your number one option for a simple and convenient meat-based snack. You can choose from classic jerky form or go with convenient sticks. You can also enjoy lots of flavors so that you never get bored. These are made from all-natural ingredients and are very high in protein. Whether you decide to go with the beef jerky form of the sticks form (full-size or mini), you’ll enjoy the convenience of the bags where you can just pull one out and snack or the individually wrapped sticks that bring convenience to you.  

carnivore snack beef liver

Beef liver crisps

Liver gets a bad reputation for being ill-tasting, but it doesn’t have to be. A package of beef liver crisps is delicious and also has a higher nutritional value than beef meat itself. These are delicious and chunky options to help every carnivore get a bit more of a nutrient boost from their snack and still have the convenience of crunchy crisps. These are great choices for those that want to take a real from classic beef on certain days of the week, too.

 grass fed butter as carnivore snack

Grass-fed butter

Yes, really. Butter often gets a bad reputation for being unhealthy, but it doesn’t have to be. Grass-fed butter is actually protective for the body and can lower the risk of a lot of health conditions, including cardiovascular ones. This kind of butter is seen as great macro food, and it is also a superfood. Lastly, it’s a great topper snack that you can add to whatever base you want to enjoy the most.

top carnivore snack - eggs 


You’ll love the idea of these, right? Eggs are often seen as being unhealthy and dangerous, but this is very much not the case. Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t enough cholesterol in the eggs to counteract the positives that they can do. The omega-3 fatty acid is also a great support in the body that can be hard to find in other sources. Eggs are especially satiating, and there are many ways to enjoy them as far as the cooking process.  

 pork rinds as carnivore meat snack

Pork rinds

These are probably not the healthiest options on the list, but you’ll certainly enjoy them as a treat. If you want to enjoy their high protein, fatty acid, and Vitamin D content, aim for pork rinds that have no added salt or seasonings, or flavorings. These after-effects are where a lot of the danger lies as far as the theory of pork rinds. These are a great choice for those particularly fussy eaters, too.

 Bone Broth as Carnivore Snack

Bone broth

While many people wouldn’t think of bone broth as being satiating since it’s a liquid, it is actually a great choice on a cold day. It has decent protein and calcium in it, and it is often loaded with nutrients and minerals from the actual bone marrow itself. It’s a soothing snack that can really help take the edge off of chill or illness, and it can be easy on the stomach if you want to have it after a long or stressful day. It’s nice to have options, right?


Protein powder

Protein powder is well-loved by fitness enthusiasts, and for a good reason. There are endless flavors and brands to enjoy, and you can really experiment with some great choices for whatever you want to try. Protein powders are often fortified with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are often hard to find in other sources, too. This is what makes them so practical for those who are looking for a snack that does it all! These are great bases for adding fruits, too.

 deli meats as Carnivore diet snack

Deli meats

Deli meats have been enjoyed by schoolchildren everywhere for a long time. While you will have to be selective with these, you can certainly rely on them when you want high protein content. You can enjoy them as classic cold cuts or add them to a sandwich, onto crackers, etc. There are no shortages of options for them. Just ensure that you’re going directly to a deli and getting high-quality cuts. The specialist working there will be able to make recommendations and suggestions specifically for this concern!

 turkey bacon as carnivore snack

Turkey bacon

While traditional bacon doesn’t often have enough nutritional value over its risk, turkey bacon is a wonderful alternative. It will give a high protein count, tastes like bacon, and is an easy snacky choice for those that want bacon itself. It’s going to be loaded with lean protein and nutrients and minerals that you often will have a hard time finding in traditional bacon.


This list of 10 snacks for carnivore diet will offer you convenience, protein, healthy living, and lots of variety. While it may seem challenging to find the right kinds of protein snacks right off the bat, this list is going to show you what it’s all about. When you need meaty snacks that will help you get through to your next meal, this list is going to support your journey with lots to offer your nutrient base and your tastebuds at the same time!


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