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Road trip season is upon us and we’re feeling hungry, real hungry! Sure, stocking up on your favorite batch of road trip snacks (i.e. Country Archer Teriyaki Beef Jerky) is essential, there’s just something deeply satisfying about good ole fashioned barbecue. The tricky part is, happening upon a legendary barbecue joint can be a crap shoot. Since The Golden State is where we call home and a place we know all too well, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to map out the perfect pit stops for the carnivore on the go. So, saddle up partner, it’s time to go for a ride.

California BBQ Map

How’d we rank them? Foodie intuition and a good friend called Yelp. Factoring in the number of reviews and star rating, we’ve played judge & jury. Now let the debating begin!


1. Phil’s BBQ

San Diego – 10,605 reviews – 4.5 red stars

Phils bbq


2. Smoking Pig BBQ Company

San Jose, CA – 2163 reviews – 4 red stars

Smoking Pig


3. Copper Top BBQ

Big Pine, CA – 706 reviews – 4.5 red stars

Copper Top


4. Aptos St. BBQ

Aptos CA – 853 reviews – 4.5 red stars

Aptos bbq


5. Bounty Hunter

Napa – 1000 reviews – 4 red stars

Bounty Hunter


6. Bull’s Smoking BBQ

San Diego -987 reviews – 4 red stars

Bull’s Smoking BBQ


7. CatHead’s BBQ

SF – 661 reviews – 4 red stars



8. Bad To The Bone BBQ

San Juan Capistrano – 525 reviews – 4 red stars

Bad to the Bone


9. Max City BBQ

Los Angeles – 528 reviews – 4 red stars

Max City BBQ


10. The Tulsa Rib Company

Orange, CA – 463 reviews – 4 red stars

Tulsa Rib Company

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