Far Flung Crossfit Boxes To Put on Your Bucket List
January 16, 2018 | Blog: The Range

Far Flung Crossfit Boxes To Put on Your Bucket List

It seems like Crossfit, and it’s culture, have finally settled into the melting pot of our world order being accepted by everyone as a great way to get fit, meet friends and to push your limits. For far too long the very existence of Crossfit was a polarizing topic, but time has a way of sifting through the fads and holding on to the lifestyle choices that truly add value and inspire the masses. Just like that, the world is finally open to the chaos of Crossfit and welcoming it’s many benefits, and rightfully so. And what’s even better to see from our perspective is a new trend… bucket list worthy cross-fit boxes.



Like blips on the radar of our pop-culture zeitgeist, Crossfit boxes in dreamy destinations around the globe have begun filling our social feeds and stoking the fires of fitness fans the world over. And ask yourself this, aside from “Muscle Beach” in Venice Beach, CA, and before Crossfit came into our collective consciousness, how many gyms did you see around the globe that made you want to show up, roll up your sleeves and get your grind on? To say that Crossfit has “changed the game” is an understatement… because it has changed many “games”, especially the travel kind.

So, to get your mental gears grinding and inspire your summer travel plans to include a little blood, sweat and tears, we’ve pulled together some of the most bucket list worthy Crossfit boxes around the world. What happens next is up to you, but the possibilities are endless.

1. Wanderlust CrossFit – Bali:


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2. Koh Tao CrossFit – Koh Tao Thailand


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3. CrossFit Kailua




4. CrossFit Boracay


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5. CrossFit Twente – Netherlands

2 hours outside Amsterdam


If you’re planning a vacation and want to see where the nearest box is to get your sweat on before you fully embrace your R&R time, be sure to check out the official CrossFit affiliate map to connect with a box nearby.

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