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The turquoise waters of the largest alpine lake in the country rest at an elevation of 6,225 feet. Not only that, they’re some of the nation’s purest sources of summertime fun. Surrounded by white capped mountains and breathtaking views, Lake Tahoe is an annual pilgrimage for many Bay Area doers. And not surprisingly. Take one step outside the car upon arrival and you’re immediately blessed with the fresh taste of crisp clean air, engulfed by Tahoe’s natural scale and immersed in a culture of healthy living that has beckoned Presidents, launched outdoor empires and thrived as one of our countries most popular national parks.

In August, Lake Tahoe is one of the best places to be on the planet. While Big Blue is busy flexing, setting up shop at one of the cities best beaches or making waves out on the lake is a no-brainer. If you’re pining for a weekend getaway and feel the need to hit the road, grab yourself an Adventure Pack, rally the crew and set your sights on any one, if not all, of these Lake Taho inspired road trip worthy adventures.

1. Emerald Bay: This place has become one of the most photographed locales on the planet, providing visitors with Insta-worthy moments to last well beyond a weekend visit. Simply put, go there. The place is unreal. We’ll let the view speak for itself.




2. Sand Harbor Beach: You wouldn’t forgive yourself if you visited Lake Tahoe and didn’t jump off the iconic rocks at Sand Harbor Beach on the Nevada side at the Northeast end of the lake. The water is awfully chilly but refreshing, so make the leap, bask on the rocks after a swim and bronze up.




3. Chambers Landing: After SUPing or boating on the Lake in the afternoon sun, you must go to Lake Tahoe’s oldest bar and restaurant to watch the sunset and enjoy their special rum punch while channeling your inner pirate. Chamber’s Landing Restaurant and Bar sits on the water and can be accessed only by boat from the west side of the lake.



4. Hiking Squaw Valley: Go to Squaw Valley Ski Resort, just Northwest of the lake for a forested hike or trail run. The scenic trail is decorated by waterfalls, frequented dogs and home to giant pines. If you hike toward the top of Shirley Lake Trail, there are periodic boulder scrambles which can be fun and sure to challenge your bravery. Once you get to High Camp, take the aerial tram down 9200 feet, the best part…it’s free. The trails can stay pretty snowed in until late-June or July, so check ahead and be prepared for anything!




5. Donner Lake:  Wanna try something off the beaten path? Head northwest from Lake Tahoe and go paddle board at the less-crowded Donner Lake in Truckee, CA. Pull up to one of the many public docks to take a break and hang with your buds to catch some rays or share a snack. You can rent SUP boards, jet skis, boats, kayaks and tubes from the Donner Lake Marina. So, get out there and get busy living.



All content and images provided by Jo Savage.

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